Cookie Line

Cookie Line


Cookies and specialt biscuits with cream inside, two colour in surface, dropped chocolate, chopped hazelnut added and chocolate coated  in all sizes and variations can be produced in our production lines.
The ingredients are mixed and become dough in the dough mixer then moves to the depositor. While shaping the dough, inside of the dough is filled simultaneously with fluid chocolate. Shaped doughs pass through the oven. After baking, cooling conveyor cooles down the products to the room temperature and transfer packaging machinery via automatic feeding system. 
*Production Line will be designed according to your preferences (Production Capacity, Packaging Types, Automation Systems Etc)


About Us

Ensar Electronic and Mechanic Industry INC
Established  with the  experience of Saray Food in snack and confectionery business in 1995.
Building turnkey production facilities in the category of;
Chocolate Moulding (Pralin), Bar,Wafer, Roll Wafer,Cake, Layer Cake (Swiss Roll), Cracker, Biscuit, Cookie,Cream Sandwich Biscuit, Marshmallow Sandwich in our 10.000 m2 closed area in Istanbul and Karaman...

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Address : Osmangazi Mah. Yıldızhan Cad. Köse Sok. No:4 SARAY İŞ MERKEZİ Samandıra/Sancaktepe/İSTANBUL
Tel : +90 216 311 00 67
Fax: +90 216 311 34 03

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